Red power LED and Plex is dead?

Hi guys,

Plex has been working fine on my EX2 Ultra but today has become inaccessible. If I SSH in it seems to be running but the port (via browser) or the apps give me nothing. I’m relatively new to this stuff but if I $netstat -lptu I don’t see anything using :32400.
I also have a solid red power LED on the device, so I wonder if it’s related. I can access files and literally every other app including dockers completely fine; only Plex is having the issue.

  • Have rebooted
  • DLNA is disabled
  • Have reinstalled the Plex app

If anyone knows at least where the Plex error logs are on the device, let me know. I can’t find them in /Nas_Prog/. The only other possible relevant info is that my storage is pretty close to full, only about 100GB left.
Thanks in advance.

Mods can take this down or leave it up in case anyone else has the issue. It seems the solid red power LED is a full disk warning (nice of the manual to leave that out) and deleting some stuff (I got up to 300GB free) and rebooting made Plex resurrect.