Red or Purple for desktop use, any advice?


I recently had a catastrophic HDD failure. It was a WD 2TB GreenPower. Fortunately, I was using two of these at RAID1 configuration and managed to save my data. I did some research and find out lots of controversy about whether or not I should use a NAS or Surveillance drives. Here is what I need; I need the most robust storage, that’s why I was thinking NAS or Surveillance drives. I’m already using SSDs for boot drives. Things that I will put into the drives I’m gonna buy are mostly photos, videos, audio files, movies and documentations. I’m using Windows 10 with Asus Maximus 6 Extreme motherboard. I know such surveillance drives are not designed for speed, which I don’t really care about. I need to know that the files I put in those purple drives (which I will also use them in RAID1 config) are not going anywhere anytime soon. The reason why I ask this because WD RED drives are expensive in comparison to the Purple drives and according to some review websites they are the most suitable for reliability. Please give me some advice.

Thank you for your time!

Green drives were junk that failed a lot early on and both WD and Seagate said so and discontinued them after a year or so.

If you buy a NAS today from WD populated with drives they will be with Reds not Purple ones. Reds are built for a NAS and Purple are for surveillance systems. My NAS has reds in it, and I see reds on sale often at