Red Light - What's The Issue?

I have an EX2 with a pair of 4TB WD drives setup as a JBOD … I didn’t want a RAID I wanted 1 drive for movies and 1 drive for TV shows.

2nd light came on as RED today so HDD1.

No email. If the fan fails to work, or a power failure I get an email. Hard drive, no email, so that’s always helpful.

Main screen on My Cloud, I click on diagnostics, and beside drive it says Fault. Alert icon at the top, shows nothing. Which I think is odd. I go to Storage and Disk Status and shows BAD for HDD1, no details.

I ran a quick system diagnostic drive test and no issues. I ran a scandisk on the volume, no issues. I ran a quick system test and it says fan issue. The small fan is a bit of a joke so I have a 120mm USB fan on top pulling the heat out. Sitting at 26’C.

Logs show a LONG list of the same error for SAMBA… “CIFS: Authentication for user [nobody] has FAILED.”

Would THAT cause the drive error?

So… cleared the log, did a reboot and error gone and lights all blue…


  1. Why did it give an error (no details) in the first place
  2. Why didn’t it show as an alert nor send an email

HI @THRobinson ,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

i have the same issue but its still in red light can you give me the sollution

Well, I can’t.

As mentioned I cleared the log and did a reboot and gone. Never found out why I had it. Forum is rather useless, as can see the amount of responses I got was 0, minus of course the WD Staff telling me to contact support.