Red light--Western Digital My Book Studio LX

I had a power outage and now there is a red light on the front of my drive instead of blue or green. I bought this to replace an Iomega and I guess I made the wrong choice. Seeing on the website that the product has been discontinued isn’t a good sign. If I send it back for a replacement I will lose thousands of music files so it looks as if I will have to pull it and move the music somewhere else, that’s if I can find something that won’t die after a few months. My Mac, amps and stereo equiptment have survived power surges but this waste of money crapped out two months after buying it. I am very, very disappointed.

Go to Disk Utility and test the drive ( if on a Mac )

If on Windows use check disk

Any drive, regardless the brand, can be seriously affected by a power outage. More if the drive was in use at the time