[Red Light Persist] Well, I need some Help Here

First of all, cheers form Chile (or Chili), and second, sorry for my Bad English… I learned just reading and playing Online… :wink:
Third, I would like to thanks everyone that has made/update any guide to upgrade/fix/or we My Cloud First Gen.

My serious problem is:
I bought a My Cloud 2 TB like… 1-2 years ago? And suddenly (I don’t know if my maid drop it ) started with persistent solid red light. After various reboots, it did not work. So Reading I thought that my HDD is broken so I bought another (similar NAS drive) WD 2 Tb.
I have done all the steps that I have searched but even if the IMGS are correct, it won’t turn blue. So I would like for some help, to start over.

Thanks !!!

Have done which steps? Which My Cloud version do you have, first gen or second gen? The unbrick process for each is different.

If you haven’t seen user fox_exe’s unbrick methods yet some have had success using them to unbrick their single bay My Cloud units.

First Gen: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_6OlQ_H0PxVbzZac0plbkZKeGM
Second Gen: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_6OlQ_H0PxVQVhnLVJOdDZISUU
File repository: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B_6OlQ_H0PxVRXF4aFpYS2dzMEE

I have done the same process, it’s a my cloud first gen.
When I finish doing it I insert the HDd to my cloud plate, power it on,
wait like 20 mins and stills red


Which unbricking process did you use? When unbricking make sure to follow the first gen unbrick directions exactly. It is also wise to perform a 40 second reset after performing all the unbricking steps.

Often a red light after unbricking means one of teh steps wasn’t followed exactly. This may include using the proper values when partitioning the hard drive for the first gen firmware. One cannot use the second gen unbrick process to unbrick a first gen My Cloud just as one cannot unbrick a second gen My Cloud using the first gen unbrick process.

Did you try to read data off the old disk? i.e. have you proved that it is the HDD at fault?

The fault may be in the circuit board, rather than the HDD. In which case, a new HDD would not fix the problem.

Well the hdd did not work after I mounted it on a SATA USB. So I thought it
was that. The circuit board has to be flashed or something ?

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