Red light on mycloud

I having trouble booting my network drive up again after switching it to my router. I get a small motor noise, then a beep. This repeats a few time and then the LED light on the front shows a solid red. Any idea what this means?

Which My Cloud model (and generation if single bay) do you have? You can read the User Manual for your My Cloud model to find out what the LED colors mean.

For the single bay/single drive My Cloud a front red LED can indicate a problem with the My Cloud internal hard drive. One can use the forum search feature, magnifying glass upper right, to find many past discussions on red front LED.

A beep? From what? The MyCloud? I don’t think the single-bay MyCloud has a speaker or beeper.

You have switched your router? What is the new router? Have you tried a different port/cable/checked it’s connected properly?

If the motor noise starts and then stops, it may be a poor power supply, unable to supply start-up current for the drive.