Red light on My Book Live with modem noises

Looking for some help please.

I haven’t connected the drive to the PC for a few months but when I did it showed a red light and makes noises like the old modems used to make.

I have tried a different port on the router, a different cable and connecting it directly to the PC without luck.  The lower LED on the rear shows permanently green whilst the upper LED flashes.

The PC has been updated to Windows 10 in the time since the MBL was last on.

Any ideas?

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Unfortunately, this would signal a hard drive failure. If you are still under warranty you can process a free replacement in the following link:

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Would it be possible to replace the drive and then to continue using the My Book Live as before?  If so, is there a specific type of drive needed?

If it is a hd failure, then you can replace the disk and put a new disk in the MBL case. It’s a bit complicated, but it is possible. essentially, you use the debrick guide found on this form.  There is section of the guide for installing new clean disks, that’s what you want.  You must replace the disk with the same make and model - WD Caviar Green.  The size can be different though.

I’d suggest that you take teh existing disk out of the MBL and connect it via USB-Sata cable to your computer to see if your computer can read it.  You will need a Linux computer or at least some software that allows your computer to read Linux ext3 formated disks.   

Thank you for the swift reply.  I will replace the HDD as suggested.