Red light my cloud

Hello Richard-118

It all depends on how comfortable you are with tech, whether or not you want to RMA your unit and finally how badly you want your data from the Cloud.

Most likely, tech support will have you do the 40 second pin reset. You won’t lose your data unless it comes up red again of which you might have to RMA your unit.

To re-set your unit.

  1. pull the power
  2. push the reset button (the little hole in the back)
  3. keep pushing on the reset button while you plug in the power
  4. keep holding the reset button for 40 seconds
  5. let go of the reset button and let it boot up…

hopefully this might reset everything back to normal.

If this doesn’t work and you don’t want to RMA your unit, do give the “MyCloud Solid Red Light” a try.

Otherwise RMA might be your only choice but you will lose your data.