Red light my cloud

Hi all,

I haven’t used my drive in sometime but plugged it in the other day and connected it all up.

To cut a long story short i decided i would update the firmware from the main dashboard as this was supposedly out of date. It took a while and eventually said something along the lines of updated failed or similar.

I now cant seem to access the drive properly. Every now and then i can see some of the main top level folders such as “public” and the users but i cant get into them and get the data off.

The device after a long time of flashing white light goes to solid red and when it will connect properly to my computer displays something about data not mounted. I saw this thread:

my issue is basically the same. My problem is that i have about 500gb of data or so that i need recovered. I know i should of backed it up elsewhere but i haven’t and i want to do my best to get this back. Can someone explain in a more simple terms how i do this SSH stuff? I’m capable of working bits out myself i hope but most solutions just seem to say " i sorted in ssh by writing this" or whatnot!

I assume this should sort my problem. Im fairly computer “savvy” to be honest but never really looked into this sort of thing before.

Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you

Ill just add an update. I have researched as best i can and got Putty on my pc. I have managed to log in to the SSH thingy and log back out. Can anyone confirm or advise if my best route is to do what was done in the forum thread i posted previously?

thank you

I believe it would be best to contact WD Support about this. You can do so over the phone or via E-mail.

Hello Richard-118

It all depends on how comfortable you are with tech, whether or not you want to RMA your unit and finally how badly you want your data from the Cloud.

Most likely, tech support will have you do the 40 second pin reset. You won’t lose your data unless it comes up red again of which you might have to RMA your unit.

To re-set your unit.

  1. pull the power
  2. push the reset button (the little hole in the back)
  3. keep pushing on the reset button while you plug in the power
  4. keep holding the reset button for 40 seconds
  5. let go of the reset button and let it boot up…

hopefully this might reset everything back to normal.

If this doesn’t work and you don’t want to RMA your unit, do give the “MyCloud Solid Red Light” a try.

Otherwise RMA might be your only choice but you will lose your data.

If you can log in with Putty then you should be able to access your data.

Download WinSCP and then try to get WinSCP logged in (easier than Putty). Then you will have a windows explorer like environment where you can drag and drop files back and forth to the PC that started WinSCP.

Hi all,

thanks for the replies. I have had an odd time. I followed the red light instructions before any of the replies but the device didnt seem to want to actually repair the files. I exited out and the drive actually went blue. However the drive was now showing up with no space at all and was as if it couldn’t detect anything.

The odd thing was, i left it for a few days thinking it was buggered in terms of getting date off (all dashboard functions were unresponsive including turning SSH back on also). Went to the dashboard and it showed my shares and data remaining etc! So i quickly joined the data network thing and copied stuff over. Managed to get most of the most important things off.As i thought however it wasnt that stable. I now cant access the drive anymore. It shows up correct in the dashboard and allows me to alter settings but it just doesnt respond when i go to open up the files.

As said the highest importance stuff is 80% off so thats good but i will try the above WINscp program to try and get the rest off and report back!


Richard yeah the same exact thing happened to me I had full access to the dashboard and all of the features but the “Content Volume” wasn’t mounting. I eventually got the volume to mount and haven’t had a problem since. The issue was with a corrupt superblock I posted a solution that worked for me incase others had the same problem. Since you’ve gotten your file back you’re best bet would be getting your MyCloud RMA’d.

Make sure you learned a lesson from all this… :grinning: mean it in the nicest way possible…


I know there are tons of excuses for people not backing up their data, but then, the owner is the only one who can tell how important the data really is.