Red light after 6 weeks

I’ve had the MyBookLive 2T for only 6 weeks and yesterday it red lighted.   

I see from the board this is not uncommon - is it worthwhile going through the hassle with WD to fix it or should I just toss it and go to another manufacturer?

Is it working correctly with a red LED or is it unresponsive?

Unresponsive - I have it mapped as Drive Z but it will not log in automatically, and if I try to log in manually it gives an error message “The network path was not found”.

I have tried replacing the Cat 5e cable and also tried connecting to a different router.   No success.

There were no symptoms that I saw - working one day, not the next.

To their credit, WD support have been very good.  No hassle replacement - a new drive will be sent tomorrow and they have asked I return the defective one with a prestamped  package they will send with the new drive.

As other posters have commented, I don’t know how to erase my data on this drive as i can’t access it and that is something I’ll have to live with.

Jay 2840 - were you ever able to get your data off your drive?