Red LED, unable to access dashboard

4GB(?) Mycloud device. Windows 10 Pro 64. Not sure whether the drive took down my 5-port hub or whether the hub failed and took out the drive, but both failed at the same time. I was using the system right up to the moment it failed and everything seemed okay. After, none of the ports on the hub had any lights showing except hub power power - all were running prior to failure. Hub seems dead.

Plugged into a different hub, the drive shows connection, and the light on the drive’s port shows activity.
Power cycled the drive, 4s and 40s resets haven’t restored the connection. On power cycle or reset, it goes through blinking blue startup, you can hear drive activity (sounds normal) but goes from there to solid red.
Can’t find the drive on the network.
Drive shows in ‘This PC’ as disconnected.
Can’t access dashboard.
Data Lifeguard Diagnostics doesn’t see the drive.

Help appreciated.

Depending on which Version of My Cloud you have gen1 or gen2. The red led can indicate no network connection.

The network on the drive light indicates activity. The hub shows the drive connection. Keep in mind, it was working and just stopped. ‘This PC’ still shows the drive, but disconnected. Is there something I should do to make it reconnect that I haven’t done?

Can you SSH into the device? If so check to see if smb is running.

Not up on shells or server blocks. I’d need guidance to go down that road.

Since you can’t access the dashboard. To verify that the network is working. You
could try to ping the device. Beyond that I’m not sure what to tell you. Other than
to contact WD if it is under warranty.

Thanks for the replies.

can’t ping using the device name. arp doesn’t return the IP, and I don’t know what it is. Something is pretty dead.

What I’m wondering is whether the network functions could be down and the drive itself could be okay, and whether these conditions would be consistent with that. There is the question of getting the drive replaced, but there is also the question of a few terabytes of video editing that I might be able to recover if the drive could be pried out of its housing and mounted some other way.

I like to use a program called wakeonlan. It scans the network and displays all connected device IP and mac addresses. It is available at
Run it and if your My Cloud is connected it should show up in the display.

Nice little utility. Alas, no MyCloud.

Whats your take on whether the bare drive my be functional?

When you say no My Cloud. Do you mean the IP address you expected was not found? Or the mac address of the My Cloud was not found. The only way to tell if the disk is any good is to remove it from the case. You will need a utility to mount the disk on a Windows or Mac machine. If you search the forum you will find information on how to mount the disk on a pc. It would be easier if you had a Linux machine.

No MyCloud = nothing shows. No IP address or mac address.

Now I’ve got flashing red on the drive.

Thanks for the lead on finding how to mount the drive.

I assume you’ve done the obvious, like check the ethernet port connections, change the ethernet cables, change the port on the router, etc.

Have you accessed the router’s UI to check what its network device map shows; does the MyCloud appear in the network map? (ah. the wake_on_lan check ought to give the same result).

My suspicion would be that there may have been a fault on the PSU of your original router, or lightning strike on your local power grid system (though I might expect that to have affected more electrical appliances in your home), that may have fried your router, and, in turn, your MyCloud. If you have an ADSL line, an overvoltage condition on the telephone line may have done the damage; this would not affect other electricals in your home. But anything with a telephone line connection ought to have adequate protection against such faults (barring local lightning strike, but you’d know about that because of the blackened hole where your telephone socket used to be…).

For data recovery from the disk, see this thread: