Red LED after firmware update

I was using the default firmware that came with it and was very pleased with it. After resolving internet connection issues it was able to get on line and check for firmware updates. I’m now running 2.11.133. Now I’m not a happy camper.
The box works just fine but the top led is now red. The middle blue LED is blinking like it’s doing something with the drive. The bottom blue LED blinks from time to times.
I have mine setup as JBOD not a raid setup. Yet it shows in the ACP that the volume 1 drive is 95% full. When does it tip over to the volume 2 drive? Am I going to keep getting this error message? The red LED is very annoying.

The main thing is according to posts on here and other sources, it means something is wrong. Other than the drive getting full there is nothing else wrong. How can I access the advanced features to manually tel it to use the other drive now?

How do I get back to the old firmware and where can I get a copy of it?

JBOD means the drives are entirely separate, so there is no “tip over”. You can quite happily full up one while the other sits empty and unused.

When you set up your shares you chose which drive they are on. It sounds like you’ve put all you’d on drive 1 (the default choice) and so you’re not using drive 2 at all.

I’d suggest moving some of your shares onto drive 2 to balance the load a bit.

I’m old school and my understanding of a JBOD is multiple drives seen as one large drive. Having said that.

Last night I pull off all the files from the MCM to a couple of drives in my desk rig. This morning it finally finished all the transfers. Now the top led is back to blue. As I type this I am running the destructive factory restore. I’m running the long version.

Amazingly enough it’s now showing both drives as JBOD. 3.43TB until it finishes formatting. Then it should show the entire formatted free space. I still don’t like the new ACP. It’s slow as Christmas and down right ugly.

And I ask again. Where can I get a copy of the old firmware for the MCM?

No RAID0 or spanning are both methods of combining multiple drives into one. JBOD (“Just a Bunch of Drives”) means exactly what it says, each drive is separate and independent of all the others.

For the other question, try here. That’s for the Gen1 MCM, but you can find similar for the Gen2 if you look there, but obviously it doesn’t go back as far.

Must have been a DOS thing.

When I put a share on volume 2 it’s not seen by windows. I have the MCM mapped as a network drive and W7 pro is only picking up on volume 1.
I’m at the point it would be easier to just put the drives in the desk rig and be done with it.

There should be no reason why it’s not seen (I run my MCM in JBOD mode using Win7 machines and they see shares on both drives just fine).

I’d start to wonder if your drive 2 has a hardware issue of some kind. Do it’s SMART test results look OK in the dashboard?

I did the destructive system reset. Then when in to the raid setup and chose spanning. Yes I know the inherent dangers of that mode. Then I went in to the router and found what IP it has. I reserved that IP just for the MCM.
Now when I reboot my network the MCM comes up with the same IP each time.

Windows is now seeing the total of the 2 drives spanned. Now I have to copy the pics and movies back over to it. I do have triple redundancy. I don’t trust any one device to keep my files safe.

Thanks for the help.