Red flashing light

Hope someone can help. My WD My Cloud has a red flashing light. I haven’t accessed it in a few weeks and the warranty seems to have ran out 4 days ago (25th December) - can anyone help?

Hello, colin1424,

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Thank you - I couldn’t find out how to contact that’s why I posted on here

What diagnostic/resolution steps have you tried?

Have you checked the ethernet connection: cable/connectors/router port? What are the Ethernet port LEDs indicating?
Can you access the device at all? Dashboard? File server? SSH?
Have your reset the MyCloud?
Have you reset your router?
Have you made any changes to your network since you last accessed the MyCloud?

Paranoia - I’m not very technologically savvy but I can check cables - I will run over your list to see what I can do - thank you

The same problem here that WD asked me to contact data recovery to fix it. I already decided to bring it back to China to fix it because I am currently living in New Zealand, the cheapest data recovery authorised by WD is NZ$800, it is a crazy thing. If I unbox by another repair agent, my warranty is invalid shortly even I am still in warranty. They said if I don’t mind the data inside, I can replace a new one.