[RED 3TB] Has a high start_stop_count a negative impact on the drive's lifespan?


I own several RED 3 TB drives (WD30EFRX) which are installed in a NAS. Due to the fact that I use the NAS rather sparely and I want to save energy, the drives are set to suspend after 20 minutes. However, every time I power on my TV, it wakes up the drives due to the DLNA server running on the NAS.

I wonder if the thereof resulting high start_stop_count has a negative impact on the drives’ lifespan and thus it is advisable to let the drives suspend only after several hours of inactivity or even letting them run permanently?



Hi, the wd reds are made for 24/7 use, but I don’t think it will make a really big difference on how long they will last if you prefer to not let them be active all the time. 

I don’t agree. The MTBF of a disc that shall run 24x7 without power down is independant from the number of power cycles, because the mechanic that brings it to park position has a limit. I would let it run all time to get the maximum lifetime.