Recycle bin option. Can we have one?

Is it possible for WD to create a recycle bin option for the MBL? I’m thinking of something that users could turn on or off in the dashboard. I’m sure some of us don’t like the fact that files are gone forever when deleted, and I notice that some other NAS drive manufacturers have recycle bins. It would be great if this was connected to the regular Windows recycle bin, although that is not necessary. (On the other hand, some users with backup configurations etc. probably don’t want this, hence the on-off request).


Your post sounds more like an Idea or a Feature Request. The best place for this is in our Ideas Lab. This way someone from WD will be sure to see it. However, I would search first and make sure that there isn’t another idea similar to yours that you could add your post to and vote on.

Ideas Lab

I agree! This seems like one of the most basic, mandatory options to have. Even a administrator only trash bin where you had to login the My Book World Edition to restore deleted files of folders would be great. 

As it is, the My Book World Edition NAS is a liability…