Recycle Bin Location? How do I recover files?


Hopefully somebody can help me with this simple task.

I have WD MyCloudMirror 4TB.

I have the Recycle Bin to “on” on all my shares (after a previous error and not realising there wasn’t one!).

I am using Winodws and mapped drives to the NAS. I have just accidentally deleted some files I wanted but I cannot find the recycle bin to recover them. Where is it?

I’ve looked at the root directory of the share and it’s not there, or is Windows hiding it?

Any help appreciated.



They’re in a share called “Recycle Bin - Volume_1” or something similar depending on your volume configuration.

Thanks TonyPh12345.

I can’t  see any Shares other than the ones I’ve created plus the std (Public, SmartWare and TimeMachineBackup), all of which are on Volume_1.

How would I know how my volume configuration is set up to be answer to answer this?



Don’t worry about it, I’ve fixed it myself.

In windowsexplorer, I started to map a drive to \mycloud  then clicked browse and it listed all shares on the MyCloud, including “Recycle Bin - Volume_1”. SO when I mapped my drive, I found all the files I accidentally deleted and restored them.

Surprised no one here knew how to do that??!!!

Putty wrote:


Surprised no one here knew how to do that??!!!

Uhm, you never asked that question.  You asked where it was…  and I told you correctly.  ;)

By the way, your post will likely be moved to the correct forum since your question has nothing to do with My Cloud apps…

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