$RECYCLE.BIN is showing in External hard drive. All my data are not showing


I have WD External Hard Drive.  Model–>  WD 4000BEV,  400GB capacity, USB 2.0. i have created two partion in my external hard drive of 200GB for data and media, nearly 30gb is free from each partition. 

Today i went to my institution to download few files but as soon i inserted, it dint show the contents of files in my external hard drive just displaying $RECYCLE.BIN  folder but it shows 34gb is free and rest of the 166gb is used. That means my conents are there in my hard drive but it is not showing in it. 

Even i have tried in my home pc which is installed Windows 8 os and also it is showing $RECYCLE.BIN. i have scanned my exernal hard drive with malware bytes and super antispyware for any virus but it dint found any virus in it.

M drive - Passport Data - 31.5GB free of 172GB

N drive - Passport Media - 48GB free of 199GB

Please help someone to retrive all my external hard drive data, all the files are very important.

I dont want to use any recovery software at present, This option will be mine last option for this issue.

I need someother solution apart from recovery software.

Please reply asap.




How is the drive showing under Disk management?

Also you can try testing the drive on a different computer. If stills the same, I recommend you to check for a free data recovery software to see if you can recover the information.

Another thing that you may try is testing the unit with DLG Tool.

Check the link below for more information