Recycle bin is damaged

As soon as I connect MyPassport to my PC I get a warning message saying “The recycle bin on F:\ has been damaged. Do you want to empty the recycle bin for this unit?” (It might be slightly different since I translatd this message from swedish.) The same message appears as soon as I delete anythin on my computer, not only on F:\ (MyPassport). My OS is WIndows 7. Does anyone know how to get rid of this anoying behaviour?

the problem is not on the drive

seems to be a corrupted recycle bin…

check this out

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That seems to have fixed the problem. Thanx :slight_smile:

Sorry to say but the proposed solution did not help. After I had followed the instructions it did at first not solve the problem. But when I rebooted my comuter the error message did disapear, leading me to believe that it was because of the steps I had taken.

Next time I started my computer it was however back. I tried to follow the steps of the proposed solution and that did not help. I think that it is only logical that it didn’t help (I was suprised when it seemed like it did help at first) since the problem described in​cycle-bin-windows-7-vista/ is about not being able to delete things fro the recycle bin while my problem is that that anoying error message keeps poping up every time I do delete something. The deletion itself works and the files are removed corecctly.

I am also pretty sure that the problem is connected to MyPassport since the error message only appears when MyPassport is connected to my computer. As soon as I remove it everything works fine.

Must I open a new thread in order to get an answer?

Try this, with the Passport connected to the computer right click on the recycle bin and select properties, click on the Passport and select the option to remove the files immediately when deleted.