Recovery options when one drive fails


I am experiencing a third failure of a drive in 18 months.  I have a “My Book World”. The last recovery I had to purchase a 2nd unit and move the good drive into it and let it re-sync. I think I may need to do that again. I don’t need the “World” part of the NAS so I can just buy a regular “My Book,” 1T mirrored?  Will the drive from a “My Book World” be read by any model of “My Book”?  Can I use different model hard drives as A and B?

The drives inside the MBW will be read by the MBM if the MB Mirror can format them (Killing the data), this is because the MBW uses the EXT3 file system while the MB Mirror comes NTFS.

You sure had a lot of problems if you want to go from a NAS to a USB drive…

No, you cannot connect this drives to another model of the “My Book” line, without losing your data. What you can try to do is connect this drives, depending of the RAID that they were setup, to a Linux computer and try to recover your data.