Recovery of Lost/Deleted Shares

Stupid of me really, I had created an “untitled” share and proceeded to delete it from the dashboard.

Something slipped, i first noticed the selected file was 55Gb but too late, my most important share was being deleted in front of my eyes.

is there any way to use disk recovery software such as disk warrior to at least recover some of my precious files?

Before you ask, I have been running Time machine to it from mac for years, and safepoints to a usb connected WD mybook
For the past few months the Time machine has been failing, or, throwing up other alerts such as disk scanned and new backup required… it has made at least 4 “new” time machine backups in the past few weeks.
I started to drag and drop files from MC to MB just in case. In the process any safepoints seem to have got wiped.
Long and short, the WDmybook has failed and I have lost my safepoints.


Well, there is the possibility to recover the data/share that you have deleted, I recommend you to contact tech support directly before trying anything else.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Thats great news
Thanks, Rocky
I set that up!

Previously, though, I waited a week or so to get a reply. It said “we are closing your ticket for no response” (PS do not reply to this email)

Any further hints or advice please.