Recovering wd smart installer after formatting for mac

formatted my 1 tb hd for mac which was originally for pc. now I can’t install the wd smartware apps which was initially on my hd. i downloaded the disk image , opened it and copied to the harddrive as mentioned but i simply couldn’t intall it. it takes a lot of time and have to finally quit it forcefully.

guys help me out with this. 

is it because i have made two different partitions one for mac and the other exfat??

eagerly awaiting for your valuable inputs.

and also it is intel based mac

I’m having the same problem; I’ve tried using the .dmg that came on the disc and also a new one from this community, and neither one will install. This is a screen shot of where the program freezes every time and forces me to force quit. Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 10.33.22 PM.png