Recovering my data on EX4, please help me

Hello Everyone,

I have WD Cloud Ex4, running very smooth until my son “3 years old” today opened 3 hard drive doors, but he didn’t take the drive out, when I discovered the situation I closed the opened 3 drives and rebooted the device.

However, I have discovered that RAID 5 configuration is lost, when I tried to go through the process of rebuilding RAID 5 configuration got the message e saying all data will be lost, I cancelled and decided to seek your advice first.

Please let me know what the best approach to handle this issue?

Highly appreciate any recommendation



Ouch I feel for you.  I hope your able to restore your data.  My three year old opened up 1 drive and I was able to recover it. But hearing about your story as well I might considdr cutting some plexiglass to cover the drive hinges and zip tie it on to prevent that occuring again.  I’m storing streamable video content and home video footage on mine mostly.  

You may try this WD data recovery solution that helped me last time: recover data on WD hard drive

It’s easy to follow and works well for me.