Recovering files from a dead MBWE

I have a two year old My Book World Edition that seems to have died.  No blue lights around the power button, no connect light on the RJ-45.

I removed the drives, and pluggesd them into a SATA dock, and windows can identify the volumes on each drive, but it can’t mount any of them.

I had the My Book set up in non-raid format, with two 500Gb drives.

What can I do to recover the files from these drives to my Windws PC?

Take a look at Paragon’s software, 

I had a similar problem a while back and they were able to help me.  

Well I’m now in the same boat as you and the paragon software didn’t seem to do anything but copy all of my inaccessible files to my new drive.

Let’s find some new software :-/

still looking for information on this issue

  Firstly, the drives use a format that is NOT notaive to ANY WIndows operating system… If you’'re going to access the data you’ll likely need to do it form a Linux or Unix box that can handle the relevant formats. Linux would be preferntial as the enclosures themselves use Linux, so many f he typical utilities etc. that you would need to access the files are built in to Linux standard.

  However. You will need to do some serious learning regarding these utilities etc. as you will need to figure out how the enclosures logically put the drives together to begin with in order to recreate the situation manually through Linux I imagine.

  I’m afraid I myself don’t quite have the time available at the moment to sit down and figure out a specific procedure you could possibly follow… But hopefully we can get you on the right track and you can manage the heavier lifting with a few pointers?