Recovering drive after accidental restore

I did a bunch of quick resets to try to get my My Cloud functioning again. Somehow, it also did a factory restore and I lost everything.
I’ve been told my a data recovery company that I don’t really need their services, and that I can recover the drive myself with a a software such as Stellar or EaseUS.
I’ve removed the drive from the casing, but where do I go from here?? Apparently I need some sort of data recovery connector… What does that look like, and where do I get it?
Any advice on how to do this? I can’t screw this up, as I have no back-up for much of what is stored on that drive.
Thanks for your help

User the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, and search for recover data or something similar. There are many past discussions on attempting to recover data from a My Cloud drive.

The My Cloud hard drive is formatted to EXT3/EXT4 which Windows WILL NOT read unless you use a third party driver, or boot that computer into Linux using a Linux Boot Disc/USB flash drive. The following post has some further information:

I take it you did not have a Safepoint/Backup of the data on the My Cloud to an external USB hard drive attached to the My Cloud USB port?

Hi, thanks for this. So, I take it it is not a good idea for me to attempt this on my own? It’s not just a matter of having the right connector and a good DR software? I chatted with a rep at Stellar who said I just needed a connector.

No safe points, unfortunately…

Stellar has a Linux recovery software. Do you think it’s worth using their free version to preview if it’s going to work? Or should I just pay $400 and get a pro to do this?

Didn’t say it wasn’t a good idea to do it yourself, rather just understand that it isn’t as simple as plugging the My Cloud drive into a SATA cable/adapter and expecting Windows to recover the data. One would need software to allow windows to read the My Cloud hard drive and one would need software capable of recovering data from a Linux formatted hard drive.

Is it worth sending the drive off to a dedicated recovery service and paying a significant amount of money versus trying to recover the data yourself? That is something only you can decide. How much is the data worth? How important is the data?

What ever you do, DO NOT write any more data to that hard drive. Any additional data written to the My Cloud hard drive will corrupt any deleted files.

Also note that if you did a “Full Restore” through the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Utilities page then chances of recovering data is slim since a Full Restore is supposed to securely wipe user data during the restore process.

Read the linked thread; it tells you how to attempt recovery using a fairly simple process.

Hey,yes it is possible to recover data after factory restore.
If you connect your hard disk with your PC and run Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery then you will be able to fully restore your data.

Yes but GPT partition is not recognise by Windows 10.
I have the same problem, I have Stellar but nothing work.

Still search how to recover my data. I don’t write on disk till I find a solution…