Recovering data using a Different System

The PC system I originally linked my My Book to died. Data from it was saved to the MY Book  external using the My Book backup utility. Can I recover the data by linking to a different PC?  If so, what is the correct procedure please?

Thank you.

What backup software? You’ll probably have to install the software on the other PC to access data.


You can try some data recovery software

Thank you for the response Joe. I used the backup software that came with the My Book Essential.  The  original now dead system, was XP. The current new system is HP, Vista. It recognizes the My Book Essential external. I created a destination folder which accepted one small selected .doc file that I managed to dig out of the backed up data using Retrieve. Now when I select a given file via Retrieve it indicates that the file was successfully retrieved but it does not show up in the destination folder. Attempts to change the destination folder results in a confusing warning about downloading all data or something. ???  Can you assist please?

THanks again