Recovering a failed mybook 3TB

I have an external My book essential with a WD30EZRS 3TB drive in it.

The drive has failed.

The first thing I tried was to open the enclosure an connect the drive directly to the system via the SATA cables.

The drive is still not working.

I have several of these drives and in the past I would swap the PCB controller from a working drive so I could recover

the data on the failed drive.

I have been reading that this may not work for all newer drives. (maybe some calibration or other data burned in at build time)

Does anyone know if you can successfully swap control boards on the WD30EZRS 3TB drive?



I would think it would have to be with a board from drive bigger than 2 T. I say that because the 3 T drives use the advanced formatting and also need GPT instead of MRB. I don’t really know.