Recover Western Digital My Book 1 TB

Recently, my WD My Book did failed to power up, after checking multiple times, I checked your support knowledge base and found that there might be a problem with the Internal circuit board. So in an attempt to recover my data, one of my friend opened up the casing and tried to attach the internal HDD to the Desktop computer.
After connecting to the Desktop computer, it asked for initializing the device which was displayed as unallocated, so we went ahead and initialized the HDD and also it prompted for converting the disk to dynamic disk, and that was too completed !!
It didn’t displayed any data onto the Internal Hard disk, so we inserted the internal HDD to another My Book having similar model and it prompted to unlock the drive, After unlocking the drive it was convereted again back to basic disk and still we were not able to see the data onto it, which was around almost 1 TB !!
We created a new volume using Windows 7 and that’s it… still the hard disk does won’t display any data onto it.

Please and please, let me know how can I repair the Circuit board myself and please assist in getting back the 1 TB of data back from the HDD, and also the WD MyBook

I have raised a Case [Deleted]  with WD support on 6/12/2012 6:54 PM and till date never recieved any response !!

Well when you opened the drive case you voided the warranty. About the only person with much understanding of the circuit boards is fzabkar. Check out some of his posts or send him a PM. Since you inialized the drive and created a new volume your data may be gone.


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