Recover server from backup


I wan`t to make a backup from the operation system of DX4000 for using it with the recover utility on USB stick.

I didn’t find something about in the description or on the dashboard.

Can anybody help me.:smiley:



If you have a 4tb version read this thread.  If your box is larger it cannot be done with the recovery usb drive

Thanks a lot for the info, but I want to backup drive C: with only 60GB for the operating system server 2008 r2 and not the data from drive D:

Any idea?

Last week I had to recover the system partition with the EMEA_SvrRecovery_01_05_08_31.iso tool and there is a point to recover the boot partition to factory default or from backup. But I didn’t found any information how I can generate a backup from the boot partition which I can use for restoring with SvrRecovery utility. So I had to reset to factory default and then I had to update the operation system. That needs a lot of time. So I am looking or a backup of the operating system for further use.

Any idea?

Read that link, if you have a 4tb version you can do this.

The wizard where you saw that is the canned wizzard that Microsoft wrote, not WD.  WD did remove the backup functions from the dashboard, but take a bit more work to remove it in that wizzard.

Anyway, you have to realize that Microsoft backup was designed over 10 years ago and 2tb was a bunch of data.

The problem is when you run Windows Server Backup it is a full image backup of the disk.  It does bits and bytes, not files and folders.  It is not capeable of handling a disk larger than 2tb.  so even if you only have 400gb of “stuff” it wants to backup even the zero bits.

Hope this helps,

Thanks a lot. I did backup like discribed in your link. I have a 12tb version with a 60gb partition for operating system and the backup needs only 21gb. I hope I can use this backup next time when I had to recover the system partition again.

Thanks for this solution.

Yea I ponderderd that as I typed it.  If you had clicked D: also, it would fail.  You can schedule what you did and it will do it every 30 mins or once a day whatever also.

The headless recovery only recovers C: anyway, but it boots up and then you get D: from wherever.  Could be a manual backup or a simple file copy.