Recover DX4000 without erasing Data

Hi, I am trying to recover a WD DX4000 Box, after waiting for “Loading OS” screen for 3 days,

  1. I have downloaded the Recovery ISO
  2. Read all the instructions to Recover, and the numerous threads on this community
  3. Ready to start the process

My question is: Does this process allow to me keep my Data in my RAID?

Since the manual does say that, but there is no documented screenshots or thread showing me that people have actually performed a recovery and kept the data.

Kindly someone advise.


and Thank you in advance.

Can you ping the box?
Can you remote to the box?
Sometimes it is up and running but the wd services are not started and the lcd does not change.

But to answer your question. I have not personally done it. Though others here have and not reported a data loss. Though the raid has to be in good shape for this too happen. If the raid goes down when you power off, who knows.

Thank you Gramps,

Yes I have a successful ping, but there is no-go on the remote conn.

Yes I understand, well we will give it a go then, update on developments

Thanks again for posting.


byr rwemote I mean from a client pc click start type mstsc and press enter
user administrator

That what you tried?