Recover deleted files/folders

My Mybook Model wd10000h1nc-00 has had files deleted in error. Can they be recovered. It is connected vie the network port (ethernet).  Thanks.

Hello johnnyx49,

I’m sorry mate, as far as I know, if you erase a file from a network drive, it will be erase permanently and it wont go to the recycle bin like if your were erasing the file on a local drive.

As a recommendation, try getting a data recovery software that works for network drives to see if you can get the file that you erase.

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Hello Johnny

I had faced the same problem last month then my friend suggest me to use third party software. Then i used it and got the satisfied results. One good thing about this software is that it is available as a Free to Try version. In Free version you are eligible to recover data and also see it but you are not authorized to save it, this is only the limitation of this software.

You can use data recovery software, recommended Asoftech Data Recovery as it helped me before. You may follow this guide:

how to recover deleted files

The guide is easy to follow and works well for me. hope that it helped you.

The best and easy solution to recover deleted files is to use some data recovery software if the data is not available in backup. Otherwise one can also choose previous version option to recover lost data, but in this option the changes made to the file after that can not be recovered. There are some free tools also available to recover lost data like Recuva and TestDisk. One can read more about how to use Recuva from here [Deleted - Trancer]