Recover Data in MyBook World Edition II 2+2 GB



I have MyBook World Edition II network drive using mirroring raid with 2+2 GB.

Recently I accidentally deleted some video files. When I realized that I stopped writing to the disk. The question is which tool to use or otherwise what to do in order to (hopefully) restore my deleted videos (which are many GBs of data).

One more question of mine is the following: Is it possible to remove one of the two disk drives (since the whole system runs with mirroring raid) and perform retrieval operations on it and then put it back without affecting the raid?

Please I need an answer because these files are very important!

Thank you for your time
Ioannis Sideris


Hi JSideris,

It’s best if you contact the data recovery company in order to get the data recovered. Please refer to the link given below in order to contact recommended 3rd party data recovery company.