Recover Data from Old MyBook World Edition II

About 10 years ago my family bought a My Book World Edition II NAS that I used to back-up all the data from my Mom’s computer when she passed away. Unfortunately I have not thought about this for 10 years and long since changed computers. I am now using a Win10 laptop and I wanted to access the files.
I attached the device to my router as instructed in the manual. I have visibility to the device in the Network part of Windows Explorer

When I try to Map the network drive, I get a request for access… but I am afraid I have lost the credentials. Is there any way to get these back?

I also tried installing the WD Backup software, but that is not compatible with Windows 10:

Can anyone suggest how I might access the data and move it to another drive?

If it doesnt work, is it still possible to take out the Dual disks and plug them in independantly in another housing? Or are they logically one drive working together, and must be accessed together?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards,

Hi old_WBE2_drive,

You can follow the steps provided in below mentioned article to access data via SAMBA file exolorer: