Recover data from mbwe

If you have a busted mbwe nas and need to recover some files, see my ultimately succesful experience here

[deleted: user complaint of damaged files by software]

I’ve updated the thread I posted on originally, but for anyone else trying to recover files this was my experience.

After a long night of back-ups a few tips/experiences:

Software a little flaky but gets job done in end. Managed to transfer up to 10-15gb of films at a time, but after large transfer the program seems to hang and needs a restart, but works fine after that. Seems happier to transfer groups of large individual files rather than folders with sub-folders and smaller individual files (photos proved time consuming but got there in end). No facility to copy to networked storage so need to transfer to usb or hard drive. In fact when pc taken offline program seemed to work faster with less hangs (but that could be age of pc!)