Recover Data from 1TB WD Live

Hello Community,

I was wondering if someone can offer advice here.

I had a 1TB NAS WD Live drive that I’ve been using since 2012. The controller failed recently so I took the drive out and connected to my Win 10 64bit desktop.

I have read previous posts where they recommended softwares such as R-Linux, NAS Data Recovery and Ext2FSD etc… I have tried them all but always hit a roadblock.

When I load my NAS drive in these programs, I see multiple partitions.2 Partitions are Ext3 2GB partitions and 1 partition is a 927GB RAW partition. Whenever I try to mount this drive using any of the programs listed above, I can mount the 2GB Ext3 partitions and view the folders in there. However, the folders in there seem to be associated to an Operating system and not my files that were on the drive.

I believe that my files are located in the 927B partition but this is my road block. I cannot figure out how to load this partition to view the folders in it.
I’ve attached both the R-Linux and Ext2FSD screen showing the drive with the partition that I cannot access. I can even mount the 2GB partition using Ext2FSD and that allows me to use Windows Explorer to access this partition, but it seems to be a linux based setup and not my files.

Any advice as to how I can view the files on the 927GB Pertition?

You are correct that the data is in what your computer is called partition H - the largest partition.
Try booting your computer with a Linux bootable CDROM or USB.
Then you will be operating in a Linux OS and much easier to view the data on the partition.