Recover Boot Partition - Just Reformat?

Have DX4000 that didn’t survive a reboot from a Windows Update a couple weeks back. Has 3 x 3TB HDs.

Boot partition is 60GB and had about 24GB free. I have seen the Windows Update process fill the empty space of the boot partition with log files before (23GB worth!!!) But I thought I had that all resolved a year ago.

Got a chance to look at it and get the 0xD9 error. Tried the Recovery USB image and it returns a Bad Storage Error. Used DiskTest to have a look and it appears all partition are OK (Including data) but the boot partition is corrupted. Tried a few utilities to try to recover the boot partition, but they can’t find any partition to recover. Most I could get was recover some files from the boot partition. Since the boot partition is OS and a couple plug ins, there wouldn’t be any loss to creating a new OS boot partition, except, I expect all the server user accounts and data shares are also defined there.

If I just format this dead partition and try the recovery USB image, will this get me back up running? Without loss to any of the data in the data partition? What would I lose?

My last data backup of the server was about 6 months ago. And I have other copies of most everything that was added to the share since then, but wouldn’t want to have to go through the sorting process again to put it on the server.

if it had bad storage and the 0x9 I think you will have to wipe the disc(s) to get it going again. So I would suggest you look at a 3rd party raid recovery software solution to see if you can get your data back first.