Recover a broken Mybook


first of all sorry for my bad english! I got an Mybook external hdd from a friend. I dont know the exactly label of the Mybook cause i cant find something on the cover. So i try to describe the Mybook. Its a 2 TB Mybook with 2 internal hdd with each 1TB. There are 2 Firewire 800 and 1 Firewire 400 interfaces and 1 one usb-interface

When I try to access the drive via usb or firewire the driveletter appears, but i cant access the drive. When I look at the diskmanager(diskmgmt.msc) the drive appears but its shown not as formated with ntfs but it shows as “raw” formated.

So I disassembled the drive and attached the 2 hdd in my computer. The smart-parameter looks very good, so i hope that the hdd are okay. Maybe the inteface electronic is broken. The hdd looks in the Diskmanager like a Raid-0. Is there a way to recover the data?

Has anyone a idea to get the data back in anyway? (eg linux)


This sounds like a drive made for Mac or it may be a legacy drive. I’ve got a My Book Pro. What you need is the RAID Manager and possibly drivers and then format the drive NTFS. RAID 1 is mirrored and would be 1T capacity and RAID 0 would not be mirrored and be 2T capacity.