Recover 640GB Black Edition Drive - Dead PCB

Hi guys,

Was wondering if someone has any experience recovering a WD 640GB (WD 2060-701567-000 PCB) drive by replacing PCB’s. 

I am pretty sure the PCB is fried as i can see visualy the damage. I also can see that BIOS is not an external chip. Main Controller IC: 88i8845E-BHY2 has to be swapped i guess or settings have to transferred

My question is basically if anyone ever did something like that to decide whether is worth the time. Can the bios be flashed again to donor drive or settings moved if IC swap is not possible?

Any help appreciated guys.




There are numerous post in this community regarding that subject

some users have been able to swap the pcb

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Thanks for the response but i already got donor PCBs. I was just wondering how to move configuration settings and bios from one to another. 

search on the youtube,  or your local tv/phone repair shop can provide this service for $5-$20