Recording with multiple memory card Extreme PRO SD XC II


Does the disk WDBP2P0020BBK reading memory card Extreme PRO SD XC II (280 Mb/s) ?
At what speed will the entry from the map?
I have several cards on which there is a folders structure created by the Sony camera A6500.
On each card in the folders there are files with the same name . For example C001 - MP4 File , the size of 1-10 GB.
When sequentially transferring data from the card in automatic mode where and how the data will be stored?
Will create a new folder for each memory card?
Will files with the same name copied to different folders?
Whether to keep the structure (tree) of folders?

I will be grateful for information and assistance.

Hello Trueno,

My passport wireless pro drive is compatible to be used with SanDisk Extreme PRO SD XC II (280 Mb/s) and our device is designed to utilize the full speed of the card.

While transferring data on automatic mode, a new folder will be created on the root directory of the drive with the brand name of the card. If you shoot on the same card on multiple days, My Passport Wireless Pro will identify which shots have already been imported and only copy over the new ones, and into a new folder. It’ll also keep your various SD card imports organized.

Also, the structures of folders on the my passport pro devices will be same as the structure created by your camera on the card.

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Thank you very much for the information!

I want to again clarify important points.

During the sequential copying of cards SD1, SD2, SD3 to the disk device is to create it
three different folders for three cards?

It’s very important.

The folder structure on the cards is the same and will remain on the disk?
Files with the same name will all be recorded as new?

Confusion will not? The file names are the same, but are different in content files.

In the figure, the folder structure on the map.
I get three folders under unique names, which will contain all three cards?

With respect, Dmitry.

Different cards with different UUID will be put in different folders.

If there are duplicate file names will not be copied over and a new file name will be made to keep both files.

Just don’t format those SD cards and try to back them up again. It gets very messy if you let it just back up on its own. It does a good (not great) job of backing up the same cards when you just take more shots added to the card. I say good, because it could be a lot better.