Recording "Off Air"

My assumption from reading the manual and faq’s that it’s not possible to use WDLTV+ to record broadcast programs “off air”

On the other hand, I did note that TV’s were listed in the faqs and being usb compatible, so, wonder if there is any support for using usb tv tuners to record off air programs for viewing at a later time?

The only apparent option is to record using a computer and a tuner, then transfer the file to the WDLTV+ storage for playback or use a network connection to get to the recorded file.

Are there other options?

Thanks in advance,

Beverly Howard

Hi there!!

The Live Plus doesn’t have an internal drive, so it is unable to store files.

its a media player, not a recorder

its a media player, not a recorder <<


However, may I ask how the “compatible TV’s”  connections listed in the faq would be used by the WDTVL+?

Beverly Howard

If I recall, the list of TV’s that WD provided, was a list of TV models that WD uses when testing firmwares.

There had been issues, a few firmware revisions back, with the devices working well with some TV’s, and not with others.  Obviously WD can’t test every TV on the market.  Users had asked WD for a list of just which models of TV they do have for testing the units on.

Basically, the inference is, if you have one of those TV’s, you’re unlikely to run into any HDMI issues, but you have a different model, WD won’t know if the HDMI works properly or not until users start reporting problems.

Thanks for the concise response… makes sense.

fwiw, when setting things up I did find that there are still significant issues with the component output.  I finally gave up on trying to get component output to a dlp projector.  It would work sometimes, sometimes not and the setup would never allow itself to be set to “component” but, rather would insist on remaining set to hdmi, so, this apparently relates to that list.

Beverly Howard