Recording DVD's to harddrive

I’m new at this. Can I take my home movies that are on DVD’s (they show as VOB’s in a Video-TS folder and record them to a hard drive and attach to the WD TV Live and play them on my TV that way? They are about 4.25 gig on my DVD. Would I copy the whole folder? Is there some way to rename the folder so I know what’s in it? And to rename each VOB? (I’ve been doing still photography and this is a whole new ball game)

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me…even if you can just lead me to some website that tells me how to do this. I think it might be cool to have all my home videos available in one source. Hmmm… I think that would be way cool!

Yes this is possible in WDTV Live. You need to copy the whole DVD - no need to change the file names. You can access the video_ts file and press play or Ok to browse the vob files and play. The limitation today is WDTV live is incapable of showing you menu and no chapter jumps. Very  limited navigation available to FF or rewind - though it is having bug and it does not work for me. May be this will get solved in the next firmware.

Great! Thanks for your fast reply!

Is it ok to change the Video TS file name so that I  know what DVD I’m playing?