Recorded TV File Names

My WD TV Live just arrived and I’m trying to get everything set up correctly.  I have a small problem that I would appreciate any comments or solutions that any of you can offer.  

I have several episodes of TV programming copied onto a WD My Book that I would like to view on my television via my new WD TV Live.  

When My Book is attached to a computer via the USB you  can hover over file name and get a description of episode.  

When My Book is attached to a computer and recorded TV is viewed through Media Center the episode name is present.

When My Book is attached to WD TV Live and a TV  (w/out a computer being involved) the shows appear in the WD TV menu but no episode information is present.   You don’t have a clue to what episode you are selecting until it starts to play on the TV.

Is this setting?   Is there a way to get this relevant information displayed in the menu of the WD TV Live? 

Thank you!

No; the computer is reading MetaData available in the file.  The WDTV doesn’t read that information.  Sounds like a good idea, though…  Post that in the Idea Exchange.