Record speed

I just set a new speed record! Over 3MB/sec! That’s the fastest I’ve ever gone with my WD TV Live Hub and my D-LINK Wireless N equipment. It didn’t always stay at that speed, but I transferred 4 TV shows over to the unit in record time… 2.49MB/sec.

Someone screwed around with my router last week… they hit the reset button and were able to gain unauthorized access to the internet. I’ve since bought a plastic box and drilled some holes in it and locked the router up. I’m just now getting around to setting the WD back up and no idea why but it’s faster than ever.

I know it’s useless, but I was so happy I had to post.

Hehehe nice. :laughing:

I get around 8MB/s Wired and 3MP/s wireless… So, that seems about right.