Record download movies at middle of night to WD hub

I want to know if this WD live Hub will work for my situation. First I have a satelite internet connection, and am limited to 10 gig of data a month, which isn’t enough for downloading movies. But I can download in the middle of the night and it wont  count against my 10 gig of data. So I want to know if this WD Hub will work by atomacticly recording from netfix, ect and storing it so I can watch it any time latter? I can’t stream movies now, unless I watch in the middle of the night. Is this possible and what all will I need. Thanks for any help.

No. That would be impossible, it does not record, and you would need netflix to work a different way as well.

You should look into Playon/PlayLater running on a computer on your network. It does intergrate with your LiveHub as a media server.


Thanks, I’ll check it out.

Netflix streams can not be recorded by anything that receives Netflix, because there is a DRM chip in the Netflix receiving device.  The media folks think of everything when they can.

Hmmm, from the playon/playlater website on their FAQ

"What kind of videos can I record? All of the video channels listed here are readily available for PlayLater customers — including Hulu, HuluPlus*, Netflix*, HBO Go*, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Comedy Central, Food Network, Amazon VOD, Cartoon Network, PBS Kids, Disney, Nick, Nick Jr. and many more. Additionally, you can easily expand your available video selections by adding plugin channels, giving you an amazing array of content to enjoy. 
(*Additional subscription fees required with content provider)"

Note that I do not have a subscription to Netflix so cannot veryify this info. I do have subscriptions to HULU and Amazon VOD which do record fine. -P

What I am referring to is Netflix movie being played on a WDTV, Roku, etc.  It cannot be recorded to a DVD recorder; that’s for sure.  Kind of like trying to record from VHS tape to another tape player, or from a copy-protected DVD.  They are no-goes.

Now, playlater is a different kind of animal.  I believe it is a servie that  “time-shifts” (records) stuff for folks to access via playlater, but I do not believe they can actually capture the data so they have it on disc or some other platform folks can keep it on.  There is likely a charge for these services from playlater, but don’t have it, so don’t know for sure.

I suggest our poster get a more substantial internet service (like Comcast) that is always there, no limits, and then he can watch anything on Netflix at anytime. If this is not something he wants to do, then maybe renting DVDs from Redbox is the way to go.

I do use playon/playlater all the time as a great compliment to the getting rid of cable. It is not a client, but a server that pushes over DLNA to your WD or ROKU etc. The Server side will recored whatever stream you have setup as a channel, and then show up on your cleint end as a folder of pre-recorded shows/movies… You can watch the recordings as many times as you want untill you go back to the server and delete them from that interface.

So yes this certainly can be done, though there are a lot of caveats. The sytem uses webstreams to push or record via adobe’s flash player on Internet Explorer. You are restricted to standard definition, and there is no way that i see to get to the playlater data itself so you cant record it onto a disc or other media. But you can watch the same video over and over again from your DLNA client that is connected to the server. 

You of course have to have a NetFlix account, and a playon server liscense which is a pretty cheap one time fee, and a PC to run it on.

I can’t say that this is the best solution for the problem above, but there is no doubt in my mind that Playon/Playlater will record netfilx movies and allow you to watch them at a later time which is what the orginal poster is trying to do.

I like the product a lot. It allows me to watch almost anyy show I would like without having cable hooked up. Its not perfect but Ill take the $1200 a year savings over paying comcast for 1000 stations of cruddy programmig just to get the few stations I care about.