Reconnecting MyPassport Wifi Pro

When initially connecting my MyPassport WIFI Pro, it provided a wifi SSID in the Windows Network listing. Clicking on the “connect” button on it, then automatically transferred me to the dashboard (browser = and then to a wizard that provided the various steps to connect it to my main network/internet. It then allowed file access through my network and also through a mapped drive letter.
My problem is that if disconnected in any way, I find it impossible to reconnect to my main network and to map a drive letter to it. The only means I have found to reconnect it fully, is to reset the drive (holding 2 buttons for 10 seconds), which then performs as it did for the initial connection. Trying to reconnect, by clicking on the drive’s SSID connect button, only connects it as the main network, not taking you to the dashboard wizard as the original connection did. I even tried accessing the dashboard manually using the IP address, however under the WIFI option, it does not provide the available network listings to select from. Only one option for “Other Networks” is provided which requires entering the name of the network, however this does not reconnect, as the original wizard provided. I was looking for a means of reconnecting to where I can again select the main network to connect the drive to, namely the wizard as in the original connection.

This is what should have happened when you first set up MPWP: it should broadcast its own wi-fi signal, it takes you to the dashboard where you find your home wi-fi and connect the MPWP signal to it. Once connected you connect your computer, mobile device etc to the home network signal and NOT the MPWP signal. The unique signal will shortly dissapeare from being detected.

Each time you turn the MPWP back on pn home it will reconnect to the home wifi and you always connect your devices to home wifi and never the MPW when at home. You only connect to the MPW signal when away from home network. Do the two-button reset again to set things up again. Be sure MPW is ON when you do this.


    What you are saying is what I would expect,

having used their MyBookLive for years. However, when initially
connecting or through a reset, the process works fine, from the
MPWP broadcast to the dashboard (, and then to
connecting to my home wifi. However, each time I turn off the
MPWP, it does not reconnect to my home wifi automatically, but
requires that I reset it again. Even when it appears to be
connected properly under my home network and mapped drive,
clicking on these, will not display the files. Additionally,
while being connected to the home wifi, several times I had
problems connecting to my wifi printer, and found that my home
wifi was disconnected with the MPWP being connected, this with
both the laptop and WPWP being continually on.

    Anyway, having also been emailing WD support,

they have now advised the unit must be malfunctioning and to
return it for a new one. So I guess I need to clean my files and
return it to try again. Thanks,


Before returning the MPWP to WD, know about these things:

When connected to the MPW on network, the MPW should be close to your router (in same room) so signal connection is strong between them. When using it off the home network it should be close to the device you are connecting to it. for best reception of MPW signal.

I use my MPW as a media file server for iPads and iPhones when we travel. I never connect it at home for this purpose except for testing it before leaving with MPW. Everything on my MPW is a COPY of stuff on my My Cloud NAS network.I never lose signals following above procedures.

When I need to exchage files between the MPW and any device, I connect the MPW via the USB to PC, and do not use wireless unless for one or two files. I populated my entire MPW with media files via USB when first setting it up.

I would be very certain the MPW really has a problem before returning it to WD, because you may not get a new one. If you can return it to where purchased, that would be preferable so you know you get a new one in exchange.


    Thanks for the info. I have already processed it

through where I purchased it, for a replacement. With it
disconnecting my home network and reconnecting to my mpwp, with
my laptop and mpwp idle, I figured this is kind of weird leading
me to it possibly being defective. I would have tried putting it
closer to the router, however with it working ok on my desktop,
(which is connected to the router by ethernet cable), but not on
my laptop connected to the router by wireless, I figured the
wifi distance between the mpwp and router as not being the
problem (it is next to the wall of the room with the router),
only about 10 feet away.

    Anyway, my main purpose for this is for automatic

backups, through my home network to both my desktop and laptop,
meaning that I need it primarily connected by wifi to my home
network. As I periodically do want to connect it by usb for
large files, I want to be able to connect by usb to my PC’s and
then have it reconnect back to the home network when back to

    I assume that it should reconnect to my home wifi

automatically after being disconnected, once the initial
connection to my home wifi was made. If so, then the one I am
returned does have a problem as it will not. However, even if it
is not made to automatically reconnect, then at least it should
not change connections while sitting idle and should stay
properly connected and accessible, when the connected devices
are idle or just used for everyday processing.


Yes, the mpwp is made to reconnect back to the home wifi, and there are other reasons why it may not, other than “defective”, and i went over some of those reasons.

Anyway, better luck with the replacement unit. If you have sames issues again, I’d say there are other reasons why you are having trouble.

Thanks for your help. If I have the same issues with the new one, I’ll be re-reading your emails…


Hi Mike,

    Received the replacement, and have a problem. Thought I would hit you first, being the person having helped me before. If a better source for this, please let me know.

    First, expecting the same network connection as my MyBookLIve, with my router being the first connection to my Windows network, with my internet, MyBookLIve and all other wired and wireless connections to the router displayed under my Windows Network.

    However, after making the MyPassport network connection, bringing up the MyPassport app, and selecting my router as the internet connection, instead of it making the Windows network connection, my router, followed by the MyPassport, instead, it left the Windows network connection as the MyPassport. Obviously connected to the MyPassport, is my router considering I still have internet access.

    The problem is that my only displayed Windows network connections are now my MyPassport and Laptop, having lost all network connection displays to my router. The only router connections still available, are those previously mapped to a drive letter instead of through the network (Those shares on my MyBookLive).

    If I happen to lose those mapped drive letters, the only way I can retrieve them is by re-connecting my Windows Network to the router, disconnecting the MyPassport. Is this the way it is supposed to work, unlike the MyBookLive being connected to Windows Network through the router???



I figured it was caused by conditions other than the MPW was defective. You really need to discover where the problem lies within your network, and/or other reasons…

I have read so many posts on the WD Community that I am dazed. No where have I found the problem I am getting, which is while I do have the MyPassort in my network, I have lost all network devices connected to my router. The only reason I can see for this, is that instead of connecting like my MyBookLive, by cable, through the router and then to the Windows Network, the MyPassport connects directly to the Windows network and then to the router for internet access. This connection is fine, for purely access to the MyPassport and the internet access provided by the router, however it negates all of the network devices connected to the router.

    I am ok on my desktop, as my desktop connects to the router via an ethernet cable, while the MyPassport by wifi. Because one is wired and the other wireless, I get a connection for both, accessing each device through their appropriate wired or wireless connection.

    I assume that if I had a USB connection on the router, that I could connect the MyPassport to the router via USB and that would work. However as I have no way to connect the MyPassport to the router, (as is the MyBooklive), *          I was wonder**          ing if there was a way to "pass through" the router devices through the MyPassport so they appear on my Windows network???? As the internet appa**          rently does pass it through, why* *can't the devices also???*

    As I do have an ethernet port open on the router, possibly there is a conversion device to change the USB from the MyPassport to ethernet that I can connect to the router?



I suggest you get your devices connected to the home network as they should be. So, turn off and disconnect the MPW until you have a good working network.

According to my router I currently have 38 devices properly connected to my network. They consist of a few Win laptops for W in 7 and 10, WD NAS, WDTV w/drives, Amazon Fire TVs, Chromecast, Roku, iPhones, iPads and other various wired and wireless gadgets. My MPW is off and in my travel case for a short trip we will make this week. While there I may use it from iOS things to play music and videos. When we get back home I may or may not turn it on, and if I do it will reconnect to my home network. This is how it all is supposed to work, of course. Just take the MPW out of the mix and work on your network issues.

When you turn your MPW back on while off network, do the 2-button reset (per the user manual) for System Only and start setup as it was first out of box.

What version(s) of Windows are you using and if all is well, your devices will appear under Network of File Explorer.

Prior to connecting the MPW, all devices connected to my router
appear in my File Explorer network, including my MyBookLIve NAS
drive, Roku devices, wifi printer, Desktop and Laptop etc. etc. It
is only after connecting the MPW, that my Router connected devices
do not show any longer in my network.

Also, prior to connecting the MPW, it is my router SSID that is

connected/secured to the Windows network. After connecting the MPW,
my router is no longer connected, as the MPW is now the connected

***I have a good working network, until I connect the MPW.


    After connecting the MPW, and then following the script on the

dashboard at, finally entering the router SSID for
the internet, after finishing the setup,…,

    1. Which SSID should then be connected to my Windows 10? Should

it be the router or the MPW?

    2. On the dashboard, under the WIFI tab, does it show the

connection SSID for the router, or just “Other” as mine does?

 *** Thanks,


Further to my communication below, regarding the
2 questions I asked, I went into my Windows Networking SSID
setup, and reconnected my router, instead of the MPW that
remained connected after performing the MPW setup. After doing
that, both the MPW and the devices connected to the router now
all appear under the Network. Apparently the MPW setup, should
have reconnected the router as the network SSID, instead of
leaving the MPW connected?

    Also, reconnecting to the router SSID, removed

the original IP address of the dashboard, and set
up a new IP in the network group for my PC 192.168.0.x. Going
back into the dashboard with the new IP, under the WIFI tab,
instead of showing just “Other” for the internet SSID, it now
shows my router SSID with the box checked.

    Apparently, the setup script for the MPW is less

than desired, with some of the touches needed to finalize it,
requiring the network connection SSID changed back to the router
from the MPW. Something that would have solved the problem much
quicker, had this information been included in the responses??

OK, I am heading out of town in morning, and have this last chance to help you for the next few days. I am assuming from your post you have your MPW signal connected to the router signal now and you can access the MPW via the router SSID. Right? The windows should be connected to the router signal. The MPW is not affecting anything this way. Ii just piggy backs on the router, and in fact the MPW signal will disappear from your list of wifi connections after a short while. Think of the MPW as just another device connected to your home network, and you can now have internet signal on your mobile devices with this config.

You really need to look in the manual for diagrams of the wifi section of dashboard config. It will show how it works, as well as looking in the dashboard itself. You will have visual confirmation in dashboard of the connection.

Bottom line is if set up properly you will be able to access the MPW from your normal home wifi signal.


    Yes, it was how the final settings should be that

I was looking for, namely that the router SSID should be connected
back to Windows network, on the dashboard wifi tab, that it
should show the router SSID there and checked and the dashboard
IP address changed from to the group assigned to
their PC.

    And that the final settings the WPM setup script

left me with were wrong, connected to the WPM SSID, just
“Others” shown on the dashboard wifi setting, instead of showing
all broadcasted ones to select from and finally access to the
dashboard still under

    When I finally, and manually, changed the Windows

Network SSID back to the router, and entered the router SSID
manually on the dashboard, WIFI tab, everything then fell in
place and is apparently now working correctly.

    Possibly for helping others in the future, it

might be fruitful to ask what these 3 settings are after the
final WPM setup, especially what SSID did it leave connected to
the Windows Network.

    Again, thanks for all of your help on this, I

really appreciate someone that provides diligent help for those
in need.