Reconnecting after powering down and WD quickview


I am new to mycloud. However I seem to be getting the feel for using the device!

I have shutdown my cloud through the dashboard function as I was finished using it, like you would a TV (should I just leave it on?). There are now no lights on the device and I cannot reconnect to it, as it is shutdown, not showing on network etc…

I am also having problems with WD quickview, I have installed the software, however, when trying to open it, I just get the blue spining waiting disk, this stops and then quickview does not open.

I know I can just pull the power cable out of Mycloud, put it back in, and then it will start up. But this is not exactly convenient if I power down and am not at home, to turn back on…

Is there a way in quickview to power the system back up again? How do I get quickview working;  I am on a windows 7 computer.

Please advise…



Normally you leave a nas on all the time. It should go to sleep after a while which will conserve some power. There is no way to turn it on remotely when you have powered it down.

I am not sure what you expect of the quick view. You hover over the quick view icon and it shows you the status of the drive - a quick view. If you click on the icon it gives you choices to open the dashboard, connect to the drive, close it down etc. As far as I am aware it does not ‘open’.