Recommended Upgrade Path


I am a photographer with a workflow that uses 2 - 4TB G-Drives with Firewire. The first drive is my working drive and the 2nd stacked Drive is my backup drive. I use an application called Chronsync that backs up my working drive to my backup drive. I also use a Drobo 5N2 for archival purposes and use the same application to backup my working drive to the Drobo.

The 2 - 4TB drives are now filling up, and I am down to a few hundred GB of storage so it is time to replace these 2 - 4TB G-Drives with more capacity. I can replace them with 2 - 8 or 10 TB G-Drives with Thunderbolt, or a G-RAID device with either 2 - 8 or 12 TB capacity drives. My thought is that if I purchase 2 more G-Drives, I can sell them in their protective casing when they fill, but if I purchase the G-RAID I may have a difficult time selling the drives when they fill because they don’t have any casings. The only problem I would solve is that I won’t have to run the Chronsync s/w to backup the working drive to the backup drive if I choose the G-RAID. Does anyone have any thoughts on which upgrade path I should take and why?


You could always use the G-RAID as a JBOD disk and the drives will mount individually and continue using Chronosync. This is a process we have recommended to users before.


Are you saying that I can configure the G-RAID as a JBOD as well as a RAID?


The new G-RAIDs we have that are Removable can be switched between RAID 0, 1 and JBOD