Recommended best video format for playing DVD content

I am sure many users wish to know or have tried various configurations this information (if already posted, please direct me to the post, I can’t find any…).  Or if you know a website that discusses this issue.

Does anyone have a recommendation for the best format for playing a DVD in it’s original design. Let’s assume the files are stored in NTFS so that they can be >4gb in size.)

For example using software such as VideoLan to convert the DVD into a MKV container (single file is an attractive feature).

The desired format should allow for content as originally stored on the DVD, subtitles, audio, etc. etc.

Preferably keeping the original video and audio intact (lossless or high quality compression if compression is to be used.)

I wish to use the format for all movies brought in from my DVD collection so a widely used format would be the highest consideration.

just rip them with dvd decrypter or dvdfab (dvd fab can do MOVIE only i think).  leave them uncompressed and away you go.

then if WDTV has a firmware update that supports menus, you will be all set, if not, you can watch the movie untouched.