Recommended approach to swap out JBOD disk?

Hi, so I’ve a PR4100 running as JBOD and I’m looking to swap out a 2TB disk for an 8TB one but I’d like to copy all the existing content onto the new disk.

The approach I’m thinking of taking is to swap out drive 4, SSH then from /mnt/HD/HD_a2 run “cp * -R …/HD_a4” to copy the contents over and finally move the drive from bay 4 to bay 1 and put the old drive back into bay 4.

I’ve been searching for a recommended approach but haven’t found one. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Sounds good, but you can do better.

To be able to run the transfer in the background, I’d suggest to get Entware (search forum).
Then get screen or tmux

opkg install screen

Start a new screen session


Transfer your data with rsync: it’s a bit better than cp as it skips files that didn’t change and it reports the progress.

rsync -a --progress <fromdir> <destdir>

The transfer is now running.
Press CTRL-A + D to disconnect from the screen session. You may even close the SSH connection.
(a few hours) later you can come back to check on the progress and resume the screen session

screen -r

With tmux you can do similar things… it’s a matter of personal taste.

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Thanks, I’ll give that a shot. I forgot to mention but I was looking at nohup to run independent of the session. I’ll look into screen.

Oh yeah nohup may do the same. Is it available in the firmware?

Yeah it appears to be

I did as you suggested and unfortunately it has some issues. The main issue it seems is that the NAS thinks that the disk has come from a different system and asked me to integrate it. I clicked yes and it appears to have mounted the disk in bay 4 as Volume_1 (it was Volume_4) and the new one in bay 1 as Volume_4. This has obviously messed up all the installed apps. Is there more I need to do to make the NAS believe the new Volume_1 is the old Volume_1?

Right, apps are usually installed in /shares/Volume_1/Nas_Prog (only a few apps do support the other volumes). So now that the new disk is initialized (proper partition layout, etc…) you could copy everything from /shares/Volume_1 to /shares/Volume_4.
Eventually mirror the data from the other partitions on the old disk too (logs, database).

Then try to boot with the new disk in slot 1.

In the worst case, you’ll need to use phpmyadmin to edit model data.