Recommendations for Dual Band Wireless and Keyboard/Remote

I’ve got 2 WD Live units that I’m very happy with. One wired, one basic wireless-N. 

I’m putting together a WD Live Plus system for a friend: WD, 2TB external, keyboard, router and wireless USB.

I’ve looked at the list of WD-approved wireless products, but I’d like to hear what products the users here have the least trouble with. My friend isn’t a techie.

This will be installed in a 4,000sqft home. So, I assume dual band is going to be necessary. But I’d still like to keep the costs reasonable.

Also, I’m not sure if the router and USB adapter have to be from the same product line to achieve maximum speed and range. Can I just mix and match the cheapest dual band approved router with the cheapest dual band approved USB adapter and expect maximum performance?

Finally, I like those mini wireless keyboard/mouse combos out now. But are there any that are also universal remotes that will work with the WD Live Plus?

Square Footage isn’t an indication of whether Dual Band is required or not… :wink:

It might be kind of dodgy getting 80211n to cover 4000 square feet from a single device.

My home is 2500 sqft on a single floor, and I use THREE 802.11b/g APs, two of which are dual-band.

I am using the Cisco/Linksys E3000 routers as APs ONLY (the router function is unused) for the Media Network, and keep it 802.11n ONLY.    The B/G part of the spectrum is for all the other iPods, iPhones, iPads, Blackberries, Laptops, etc.

Just keep in mind that the coverage for 5.8GHz is significantly lower than 2.4GHz at the same power levels due to the much higher frequency.

So, going dual band shortens the range?

Basically, all the files will be on the USB drive. The only streaming will be NetFilx and Pandora. Does NetFlix require an excellent connection?

No, dual band doesn’t SHORTEN the range.

Each band has its OWN range.

2.4 GHz has a range that is larger than 5.8 GHz given the same transmit power.

NetFlix requires a few Megabits per second for good quality.