Recommendations for alternative Backup Software

are there any recommendations for a backup software that works well with MyCloud Mirror Mk1 (in 2020 :wink: ) other then WD Smartware (which I find horrible)?

Requirements are:

  • Can handle multiple backup plans from different Source HDDs
  • Works reliable (obviously). WD Smartware just stops the backup every couple of months without any obvious reasons
  • Is transparent (more transparent then Smartware), so that I can easily see the status of the backup in detail? With Smartware I always have the feeling I don’t have full control or can’t really control what it’s doing.

On the support page, when downloading Smartware, WD states that " We recommend using WD Backup or Acronis True Image WD Edition Software,", but at least WD Backup doesn’t seem to work with the My Cloud Mirror (it doesn’t recognize the hardware and isn’t mentioned on the download site of the software itself), so it seems WD is contrdicting itself here.

The software doesn’t have to be free or from WD, but it would be great if someone would have some experience of the software working together with the My Cloud Mirror that he or she could share.


You could refer to the following link: